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I was born in San Francisco and grew up in Northern California.  Even though I love my home state, a visit here convinced my husband and me that we wanted to be in Colorado.  We moved to Woodland Park in 2006.  

After an inspiring visit, I became a volunteer at The Colorado Wolf & Wildlife Center.  Not long after, I was hired as a full time employee where I became the Vice President as well as the Offsite Program Manager.   I learned so much during the 5 1/2 years I was there.  Working with the animals was wonderful.  Wolves have personalities and special traits, so being able to interact with them brought a new understanding of this often misunderstood predator.  My passion began when I started to educate people on tours and at programs about why it’s so important to keep wolves in the ecosystem.  Wolves in the wild keep their prey animals healthy which also balances the lives of other animals and plants.

It takes hundreds of hours and patience working with these animals. The true reward comes when I’m doing a program at a school. Bringing a wolf out in the public to allow people to hear the true story of wolves and to have an interaction with this amazing animal is the best way to educate.  Life always takes different turns, so I left my job and decided to really focus on education through programs. Now my new adventure begins-- Colorado Wolf Adventures.