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On January 2, 2012, we lost our incredible ambassador wolf, Timber. He fought a courageous battle against cancer for two and a half years. Even at the worst times, Timber was dignified.  

As an ambassador, he brought smiles to all he met.  When he walked into a room with his head up high, he knew he was the center of attention--and loved that attention. Crowds or noise did not bother him, as long as he had his bucket of ice water! He sat for endless hours, crowded by people taking photos for lifetime memories, usually handing his paw over in greeting. Timber never missed a chance for a quick rollover and a nice belly rub.

He was one of a kind and will truly be missed by all who knew him.

Remembering Timber’s life:
Timber was a nine year old timber wolf mixed with a bit of husky.  He had striking blue eyes and loved to be around people.  Timber was always calm and relaxed, no matter how busy or noisy the scene.  He liked children and let them drop down beside him for a close look and a hug.

He was owned by a couple who were unable to take care of him.  They dropped him off at a big cat sanctuary where his new companions were lions and tigers.  It was obvious that this was not going to be his forever home.  When the sanctuary had to shut down, they planned to have Timber euthanized.  He was lucky enough to find a family in Divide to live with, where he had some canine friends.  Timber became infatuated with a dog who lived down the road and tried anyway to break out to go see her.  He was fitted with a large rubber ball to keep him in.  Unfortunately this did not work.  As a last resort he was connected to a galvanized garbage can, which he easily dragged around with him--still dying to go see the “girl” down the road.

During this time I had just rescued my first wolf dog, Waya.  She had been in Leadville tied to a telephone pole for the first year of her life.  She was about 25 lbs under weight. Waya was also to be euthanized and in need of a home.  I took her and knew right away that she needed a companion, just like Timber needed someone to play with.  They adored each other.  They shared a large outdoor enclosure because Timber, for all his gentle ways, preferred not to be indoors for very long at a time.