Walk with a wolf and
create memories of a lifetime!

video by Ramiro Pablo Schejtman

Our walks include:

We offer exclusive year round wolf walks in the Pikes Peak Region of Colorado. We only offer offsite activities. All activities are by reservation only. Please book well in advance. The walks are one and a half miles and last about one hour. We will stop along the way to take photos with you and the wolves. The scenery is beautiful with all the red rock and Pikes Peak as your backdrop. You can expect to get at least 200 photos. We will download the photos to a flash drive we provide to take with you.

We try to bring two wolves on every walk. The number may vary depending on the number of handlers we have or other discretionary conditions.

Age requirements:

We have a minimum age requirement of 8 years old to go on the walk. You must be at least 18 to hold the leash.

Pricing and booking:

Please call (707) 290-5282 or email (click here) for current pricing and information on how to schedule a walk.

*Walks are only scheduled by phone.

What to bring on a walk:

For those that have booked your adventure please check the list below of what to bring:

  • Water
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses

What to wear on the walk:

Please dress for a hike. Wear good hiking shoes or boots. Be prepared for any type of weather.

* If you show up in sandals you will not be allowed to walk the wolf.

Where to stay if you are from out of town:

We recommend staying at Pikes Peak Paradise. It has the BEST secluded panoramic view of Pikes Peak and one million acres of Pikes National Forest. You can get more details and book directly on their website.

Cancellation Policy:

For cancellations less than two weeks a gift certificate good for 6 months will be mailed to you. All no shows will be charged in full.